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At Visium Resources, we want to make sure you achieve your fullest potential. To this effect, we are continuously putting out videos to help you realize your potential free of charge. You can see our archive of videos below. At Visium Resources, we are always here for you.

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Visium Videos

Visium Difference

Find out why Visium Resources is consistently ranked as one of the best staffing firms in the Orlando Area.

Competitive Benefits

We truly value the hard work and loyalty of our valuable contract employees. To this extent, we believe in rewarding our employees with the most competitive wages in the industry.

Who Are Visium Resources?

Sure, Visium may be an award winning staffing agency. But, who are they really?

Employee Reviews

What is it like to work for Visium? Let’s talk to former employees and find out!

Visium Texting Program

Communication is Key! Visium Resources utilizes an advanced texting program. See details here. 

Visium On-Boarding Walkthrough

Wondering what it is like to on-board with Visium? This video walks all our new candidates through the simple and easy process. 

Career Advice Videos

Interview Tips

Visium Resources wants you to be prepared for your next interview. Watch this short video to find out some of our great tips for how to succeed in your next interview. 

VisTip: Personal Branding

Visium Resources is starting the VisTip series of videos to give you the information you need to succeed in your career. This first video is about the importance of personal branding! 

Are You Ready For Your Next Opportunity?

Take a look at our open jobs today and see if we have anything for you.

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