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The Visium Difference

Visium Resources offers top-class job placement, in a variety of fields and skill sets.​

At Visium, our company’s success is based on your success. When you work with us, you are never “just a number.” Instead, we think of you as our most important asset. Here, you will get to know us by name through our regular visits to client sites and even occasional luncheons. We will always be there when you need assistance, and will truly go the extra mile to make sure you are as successful as possible. 

We know looking for a job can be stressful, that’s why you need a dedicated partner to help you locate the right fit for you. At Visium, we are dedicated to making sure you are as successful as you can be, and will be here for you all the way throughout your employment. What ever you need, Visium is truly here for you!

Quality Employment Options That Meet Your Needs


Visium’s contract positions are ideal for very experienced workers who are able to consult on clients projects with very little lead-in time. We can provide you with high level contracts at various industry leaders who need consultations and skill injections. 

Contract to Direct

We have seen this become the most popular hiring method for both businesses and Visium employees. It allows a unique situation for both the client and candidate to evaluate a position. Allowing you to get your foot in the door with industry leading companies. 

Direct Hire

Visum also offers many direct staff positions within our client companies. These are long term, career positions. If you are currently employed we can help you confidentially locate a new opportunity. 

Candidate FAQ

Have a question?

We’ll try and answer some commonly asked questions we get asked while looking for a job for our talented candidates, if yours isn’t here give us a call or send us an email!

In order to upload a resume to our database, please select the Open Jobs link in our menu. If you are interested in attaching your resume to a specific job you wish to apply for, find the job on the list, click on it, and hit “Apply” toward the bottom of the page. This will bring you to a page where you can upload a resume from your computer. Once you have uploaded the resume it will bring you to a page to correct and fill out profile information, as well as create login info for future use. Once all of the information is entered and correct, hit save. Please do not try to upload a resume as a Client or in the contact box because it will not work.

If you just want to upload your resume for consideration for any open job Visium may have, please go to the same “Open Jobs” page and click the “Job Seeker” button in the top right. Then choose “Create Account”. Follow the prompts to create your account and it will then allow you to upload your resume directly to our database. 

Resumes MUST be DOC, RTF, WORD, PDF (text based), or HTML format. Resumes that are images on PDF files will not upload. They must be text files in order for us to receive it (PDFs with images of resumes will not be accepted. PDFs with readable text are fine to upload). 

After you submit your online resume through our website or SmartSearch partner, our talented recruiters will look over your qualifications and experiences. If we find the perfect fit for you, a recruiter will reach out to schedule an in-person, video, or phone interview as soon as possible. 

If we can not currently find a great opportunity for you, we will keep your resume on file to review for all our future client opportunities! 

Yes of course, walk-in candidates are perfectly accepted at Visium!

However, for your convenience, it is recommended to make an appointment with a recruiter, by calling us at: (321) 397-1016.

We believe Visium Resources is a leader in contract employee benefits. 

We are one of the few employment agencies to offer holiday and vacation pay to our contract employees. In addition, we also offer various competitive insurance opportunities to make sure you are taken care of. 

Visium Resources strives to provide multiple opportunities for each candidate and would be honored to help you locate the perfect opportunity for your future. That being said, no one agency can provide you a lead to every potential job opening in a region. Success in your job search is our goal, so definitely discuss potential needs with every available source and ask the important questions to determine the best fit. 

One warning, be aware that many organizations may disallow your candidacy if you apply to the same job with multiple companies, We suggest you ask for details of the job and do not allow double submission of your resume should you recognize similarities.

No, Visium Resources does not sponsor visas at this time.

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