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Are you an employer looking for staffing and recruiting services? At Visium Resources, our talented recruiters work with companies and professionals across a wide range of industries to offer the most complete direct hire recruiting, contract-to-hire staffing, contract/temporary staffing, and pay-rolling service experience available.

No matter if your organization is located in Florida, North Carolina, New York, California or anywhere in between, Visium Resources is here for you. 

Our experienced recruiters are equipped and ready to meet your organizations toughest staffing challenges all over North America. Our vast industry experience allows us to evaluate potential candidates skills, qualifications and personalty to provide perfect-fit candidates for any duration. 

Our corporate values of honesty, open communication, and exceptional customer service for both our clients and candidates have built an extensive candidate pool and a deep well of client trust that makes us the very best recruitment solution for your organization.

Engineering Staffing For Success

Engineering staffing with an eye for your success!

Top engineering talent + Creative solutions = Visium Resources.

Visium Resources knows that any engineering organization is reliant on an effective and capable engineering staffing partner, with the experience and technical ability to ensure a high level of performance from the engineering talent.  With over 200 years of combined engineering staffing knowledge on staff, we are the company you can depend on when you need quick, effective solutions. Our success finding exceptional engineering talent has been demonstrated through our numerous high level contracts with successful clients. At Visium, we put your needs first. We have proven the capacity to recruit any position from robotic engineers to cleared talent for our multiple projects with the Department of Defense. 

Visium was founded as an engineering staffing firm and since 1998 has been providing the highest quality engineering workforce solutions and talent to our clients. We built our success on the mission of treating everyone, both employee and client, as part of our family. Our goal has always been to find the talent to complete your projects. 

Common positions include:

IT Solutions That Deliver!

Innovative IT staffing solutions for every challenge

IT staffing expertise at work for you

Visium Resources has been a leader in the IT staffing industry since our beginnings in 2002. Our many successes are highlighted by achievements such as: being awarded multi-million dollar contracts as the prime IT staffing provider to the Kennedy Space Center Operations Center, selection as the prime staffing provider for a highly sophisticated audio-visual systems network for commercial airlines and participation in and supporting numerous US Department of Defense related projects and clients throughout the nation. We specialize in locating hard-to-find information technology talent to put our clients’ projects into action. Our reputation has been built through providing the highest caliber of IT staffing solutions and talent to our clients. We are the IT staffing firm that many top organizations turn to when they need quick, effective and cost-effective IT solutions.  Visium Resources will always work with you to make sure your needs are met with every placement.

Common positions include:

Proven Support

Technical staffing to make sure your project is a success.

Our focus is on providing the highest quality technical staffing services to meet your needs.

The technical staffing requirements of our clients complex projects often require the recruitment of experienced technical specialists.  

At Visium Resources, we understand that the success of a project often relies on having the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. This is why our focus has consistently been providing your company with technical staffing solutions that meet and exceed your business demands. Our aim is to be your staffing partner, taking care of your technical staffing needs, no matter how advanced, and allowing your company to save time and money by reducing both the recruitment period and expenses. Allowing you to ultimately focus on your core business. With Visium’s proven record of technical staffing expertise, we have the reputation and ability to  attract high quality and highly qualified candidates for your positions. 

Our technical staffing support offers a complete solution to your technical staffing needs. We will work with you to find the best fit for your team and provide the highest quality candidates, provide the best logistical support throughout the hiring process, and work to support a long term relationship between clients and talent.  

Common positions include:

Administrative & Office Staffing

Administrative staffing is the heart of your company.

Trust Visium Resources, #1 in client satisfaction.

Throughout the years, we have continually been asked by our clients to provide staffing support to all areas of their business, to become a “one-stop-shop”. In order to do this, we have continued to expand our recruiting team by creating divisions to support administrative staffing for departments such as accounting and management. Today, we routinely recruit personnel in support of accounting, human resources, and other administrative divisions throughout our client base. 

Our administrative staffing placements staff can improve corporate culture, increase employee retention and ultimately reduce your company’s bottom line. As an acclaimed industry leader in business solutions,  we are extremely skilled at matching top candidates with positions that highlight their skills and talents in order to meet your business goals. 

Whatever you need, Visium Resources is here for you.

Visium Resources Shows You Value

Extensive Experience
  • Visum was founded on the strength of our ability to acquire the very best engineering talent at competitive rates. 
  • With over 200 collective years of experience in the engineering staffing industry, our engineering recruiters have learned exactly where to go and who to network with to identify the best solutions for your needs.
Needs Analysis
  • At the very core of our service, Visium strives to understand your unique company environment, projects and culture. 
  • We take the time to listen and evaluate each of our client’s needs carefully, and do the leg work to confirm that we know exactly what you need. 


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