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Governmental agencies requires a staffing company that has strong background in government contracts with the ability to match the scope of their goals both in the short and long term. Visium Resources has been a proven supplier of talent to governmental agencies as well as government subcontractors for over 10 years.

At Visium Resources, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet and exceed our client’s needs. We leverage this ability in order to locate and recruit qualified, secured talent that can pass any specific government security process necessary.  No matter what your agency needs, you can count on Visium Resources to provide quick, affordable and quality staff. 

Partner with us to gain many competitive advantages, including: 

  • Expertise- with over 10 years of experience serving the public sector and over 200 years combined years of staffing experience, we can handle any challenge your agency may face.
  • Flexibility-We have the ability to staff a wide range of projects, across the nation, with the most qualified personnel; including cleared individuals if needed. 
  • Compliance: compliance with all government rules and regulations ensured.
  • Strategic Solutions:  Being a certified small business allows us to have the flexibility to think strategically about what is best for your agency.

Government Staffing Experience

Visium Resources is proud of our long-standing partnerships with the public sector that we have built over the last 10-plus years, including:


State of Florida


Cleared Personnel

At Visium Resources, we know that security is always a concern with government projects. As security demands continue to have an impact on government contracts, we have taken the steps necessary in order to provide the highest level of security professionals with our government clients. We are dedicated to maintaining the quality of our cleared professionals. No matter what your needs, we at Visium Resources can find someone to fill your position. 

Why Choose Visium Resources?

We are a Proven Government Supplier

Partnering with Visium Resources for your government staffing needs allows you to leverage the strength of a proven government supplier. 

Choosing Visium Resources as your government provider brings a variety of competitive advantages over other agencies. Backed by decades of staffing experience, large scope and dedication to our government projects. Our flexibility as a certified small business allows us to find solutions to issues that other larger agencies would struggle with while still providing competitive pricing as well as the ability to meet your exact scope or schedule. 

We are proud of our many successful and continuous relationships with the public sector, through these relationships we have learned what it takes to succeed inside government agencies and how to navigate complex government contracts, whether working direct to federal agencies, with prime suppliers, or large and small subcontractors alike.

Certified Small Business, Large Government Scope

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