Why You Should Be Working With A Recruiter In 2021


Working with a recruiter could be key for success in 2021!

2021 is going to be a big year for a lot of people., especially coming off the year that we just had 2021 will be a year for many to land their first job, land their dream job, or at least a year when young workers are more likely to switch careers. The latest figures from Forbes have confirmed what we all thought. Unlike the previous generations, millennials don’t see themselves tied to one position or role for very long.

When these same young professionals consider switching careers, they will often turn to recruiters to help them find their next opportunities. Working with recruiters can be a great resource to help connect directly with employers.

How can working with a recruiter help job seekers reach their career goals in the new year? We’ve put together some advice to learn exactly how you can best utilize recruiters for your job search in 2021.

What is a recruiter?

If you haven’t previously worked with a recruiter, the benefits of a recruiter may not be obvious. According to the ASA (American Staffing Association), almost 17 million people are placed into positions each year by recruiters, so there is no doubt of the value and benefits of this professional relationship.

The goal of all recruiters is to match candidates with a role that is a good fit in many categories. Obviously, the skill set must be a match, but also the work environment, compensation/benefits, and job/time expectations of management are areas that a recruiter may be able to evaluate and provide counsel in a manner that is unobtainable from any other source. Recruiters typically work either in-house for a specific organization, or for a staffing firm such as Visium Resources. Staffing firms function much like an outsourced HR department for organizations to assist them in identifying the best available talent available. (That just might be you!)

However, recruiters do much more than simply locate people. The other side of their job is to assist the candidates in presenting themselves in the best manner. Often this will consist of advice and assistance to prepare resumes and cover letters in a professional manner or be an intermediary in salary negotiations, or providing administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews and coordinating background and reference investigations on behalf of the hiring organization.

Basically, recruiters work for both the hiring organization and the candidate, to ensure the best match and smoothest onboarding process. The interests of both parties are carefully managed to ensure your career goals are met, while the hiring organization’s budget and project needs are in perfect harmony!

4 Things You Should Know About Working With Recruiters in 2021

Now that you understand a bit more about what recruiters do, here are 4 tips that will help you leverage a recruiter in your next job search.

Working with a recruiter is free! There are many that have no idea that most Recruiters are of no expense to the job seeker. The far majority of recruiters are contingency recruiters, which means that the hiring organization will pay a fee which covers the cost of recruiting and onboarding, and in the case of temporary/contract placement it also covers payroll taxes, insurance, benefits and other employer costs that the hiring organization would be paying, often at a much higher cost than thru the staffing firm. It is typically very economical to the hiring organization, as the cost of advertising and managing the hire of personnel is a very costly event within any organization. A staffing firm, such as Visium Resources, is constantly in the “hiring mode”, so there is a great economy of scale in place, representing a saving to the hiring organization. This fee is always-on-top of your salary and DOES NOT lessen what you are paid, any more than the cost of advertising, and paying an in-house recruiter would affect your compensation. 

Using a recruiter can be a great FREE resource for you as the job seeker because recruiters tend to see hundreds of resumes every week and can offer great advice related to the most professional representation (format and layout) of your resume. Recruiters can also help you prep for the interview and provide behind-the-scenes details about the employers’ environment and what you can expect during the interview and after you start work. All of these tips can greatly improve your chances of successfully landing the right job!

Recruiters want you to land the job as badly as you. While every successful recruiter is in their role out of the motivation to help people, it is not only altruism that drives these professionals. The success of the recruiter is based upon the consistent successful match of candidates to the client job. Of course, this means a long-term match and the hiring organization will judge the staffing firm on the ability to find talent that is productive and stays with the organization for long durations. You can be sure that if a recruiter is working with you, they feel there is a strong possibility of your ability to land the job. It is possible that you do not have every skill the client is requesting, but a recruiter can highlight your strengths and make sure that the hiring manager at least considers your potential. It is in everyone’s best interest to work hard to ensure you are presented to the client in the most professional manner and the finest light.

Your recruiter cannot always tell you everything. Recruiters are not totally on the inside of hiring decisions. There is always competition when searching for a new job and hiring organizations make their decisions on many factors. Some of those factors may be totally intangible, such as a feeling one candidate will fit in better with the team, or perhaps a feeling that one candidate wants the job more than another. These scenarios are something that recruiters may be aware because of past experience with the hiring manager, but they are not always able to ascertain exactly what or why a hiring decision goes the way it does. Every hiring outcome is very much unknown, however the recruiter may be able to provide some insight to decisions.  Most recruiters will be as honest with you as they can be when it comes to feedback, but if you weren’t selected for the position don’t assume you did something wrong or your experience was lacking. There may have been something else going on behind the scenes that caused the client to decline your candidacy. Always ask your recruiter for candid feedback, but just be aware that there are many times that the recruiter will not be able to shed light on the outcome.

Recruiters are probably not experts in their field. The best example of this is our IT recruiters here at Visium. They are all confident in their knowledge of the field and the use of terms, but they aren’t programmers themselves. Typically, they won’t be able to get into a complex discussion of a technical project or be able to understand some of your technical questions related to the scope of work. That type of information will be available to you during the client interview. The recruiter will however, understand the specific skill sets and key terms of which the hiring organization is searching and targeting in their quest for the best candidate. Make sure that you talk with the recruiter about their length of time in the industry and why they feel you may be a strong prospect for the position.

Different types of requirements

Recruiters may contact you for various types of employment, including full-time, direct hire positions or a temporary need. Often the temporary needs are to fill in for a position which may have been vacated for a long-term illness or perhaps a special assignment of the worker that has been performing those tasks in the past. Contractors are often hired by organizations to add skills to the team that are not currently within the organization but are needed to complete a project. At times, contractors may be extended for multiple years and even at times will become a direct hire or permanent hire within the organization.

Overall, hiring organizations utilize staffing firms to seek help when they struggle to locate the talent they need, in the time frame which the project demands. These may be long-term relationships, where the recruiting firm acts as the outsourced recruiting team of the organization. There may also be short-term relationships to assist with staffing during times of the year when additional manpower needs are in demand. No matter the client relationship, staffing firms spend time to educate themselves on the employer, the culture, and the position requirements prior to ever initiating a search for the perfect candidate.

Recruiters work in all fields, hiring all types of professionals. Regardless of your career aspirations in 2020 and beyond, it is wise to work with a recruiter. How can you be sure to pick the right agency to help with your job search? It is important to look for a staffing agency that has a great record of linking skilled candidates with the type of employer of which you aspire to work.

Visium Resources teams with many of the most renowned employers throughout the United States and was honored in 2019 in achieving the Best of Staffing Award. Visium Resources has also been consistently ranked as one of the highest reviewed staffing agencies in the Southeast United States, and our expansion throughout the country is based upon effectively meeting the needs of our clients rather than company growth for the sake of growth. 

In 2021, working with recruiters can make your career goals and aspirations come to fruition!

Now that we shared with you the benefits of using a recruiter for your next job search, we’d be honored if you’d consider Visium Resources. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely a job-seeker looking for work in a technical field. Give us a call or look at our open jobs and see why we are consistently one of the highest reviewed staffing firms in the southeast!



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