The Top 5 Reasons Employers Need a Staffing Agency


Often, the hardest part of running a successful business is having to replace or hire new employees. Many times, when business owners try and recruit talent on their own often run into problems. Recruiting is not as simple as many think it to be. Between the searches to conduct, resumes to review, interviews to schedule, backgrounds to check and that’s just the beginning! Since all this valuable time is sunk into finding new employees, or simply replacing employees that moved on, it is time that can’t be spent doing the important, day-to-day tasks required for a successful business. For this reason, many employers outsource their hiring needs to staffing firms, like Visium Resources. Here are the top 5 reasons employers need a staffing agency.

Staffing Agencies Have the Resources

Attracting the highest level of talent in today’s job marketplace is a serious challenge. As we said before, many employers do not have the time or resources to focus on hiring or onboarding their own staff. Often times, hiring tasks can require more time than a typical owner has to commit to them. Look at the following tasks that are required when hiring a new employee:

  • Searching for that hard-to-find candidate
  • Reviewing resumes and applications
  • Conducting phone and virtual screenings
  • Interviewing candidates face-to-face
  • Checking backgrounds and references

And those 5 just scratch the surface of what is required. When you work with Visium Resources, we are your partner in the hiring process, using our resources to cut the long list of potential candidates down to the absolute best fits for your organization. You will have more time to focus on the success of your business and keep productive while we help find the talent to take your company to the next level. 

Staffing Agencies Have Advanced Information

Here at Visium, we subscribe to the philosophy that anything that’s worth doing is worth over-doing. That is why we make sure to be on the cutting-edge of staffing technology. When we submit a potential candidate for your company, you can be assured that they went through a battery of customized testing to make sure they are the best of the best. Utilizing this testing, along with our advanced online interviewing system allows us to make sure that we are providing the best fit for your company.

Staffing Agencies Have the Network

With a combined 200+ years in the staffing industry, you can be sure of our deep network with both talent and hiring managers. This network combined with our use of technology allows us to find candidates for even the most difficult of positions. Not only this, but it allows us to be flexible and help with any position our client may need from a staffing agency, even if it may be outside our usual areas of expertise.

 Staffing Agencies Understand Your Needs

Visium Resources won the 2019 Best of Staffing Award for Client Satisfaction, because we take the time to listen and understand our clients needs. Our recruiters are all industry specialists who understand not only your needs, but also the needs of the talent you require. When we search for a candidate, we are looking not only at skills and experience; but more importantly how they fit in your company’s culture. Our recruiters spend time with each candidate to make sure that their goals and yours align and that they will be an excellent fit.

Staffing Agencies Can Save You Money

As they day, time is money! Not only can Visium save you the opportunity cost of using your own time to find your next employee, we can also save you actual green as well. We absorb many of the typical costs associated with a new hire, including pre-employment testing, background investigations and drug screening. We can also help you with employer costs such as: taxes, insurances, benefits and other employer burdens. You will find that you can rely on Visium Resources to provide extremely qualified employees at remarkable savings.

Working with Visium Resources to hire the best people is an investment that keeps on giving. Get in touch with an account representative today to find out how we can help you take your business to the next level!



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