5 Things to Focus on When Unemployed!


5 Keys to Hireability

We’ve all heard the saying: “applying to jobs is a full-time job.” Don’t believe them!

If you are applying to jobs you are not qualified for, which a shocking amount of job seekers are (around 50%), you are not only wasting your time it is also counterproductive to your job search. In today’s competitive job market, even the most qualified of candidates are sometimes not receiving call backs. So, how can you reduce the time you spend applying for jobs and allocate time to becoming more hirable?

You’ve probably already got the most common things covered, updating your resume and planning your amazing cover letters. Here are five more actions you should take while unemployed.

1. Volunteer

While out of work, volunteer opportunities can be a huge boost to your hireabilty. Volunteering for a local organization or community can help you keep your skills up to date or even expose you to new ones. However, for volunteering to be a boost to your job search, you need to be strategic about it. Web designer? See if a local non-profit could use a web-facelift. If you are a network administrator volunteering at the local humane society, while still a noble cause, may not increase your job opportunities. By volunteering somewhere relevant, you will keep your skills fresh while expanding your network of professionals in your field.

2. Learn a New Skill (Or Increase Your Old Ones)

Whether it’s taking up coding, learning the nuances of Excel spreadsheets or mastering a new language; using this time to enhance your skill set can make you more attractive to potential employers.

Research the jobs which you are applying. If you lack an important skill set aside time each day to practice and build that skill. There are numerous free online resources that you can take advantage of including tutorials, e-books, and how-to videos.

Skill atrophy can be a huge concern for hiring managers, so practice and get ready for any possible pre-employment tests.

3. Build An Online Presence

In the modern age of job searching, it is more important than ever to have a compelling online brand. Take the time to spruce up your social media networks or even create your own blog or portfolio to showcase for your work online.

It is also a good idea to find out where people in your field hang out online, such as particular blogs, news sites or LinkedIn groups, and join their conversation. You’ll both build your knowledge (something that can be very handy in job interviews) and begin to build credibility as someone who’s passionate about the work you all do. Employers prefer hiring candidates with this kind of track record of interest in their subject matter.

4. Freelance or Contract Assignments

Some job seekers are opposed to anything that is not a new full-time gig. This can be a huge mistake. Freelancing is a great way to boost your skills, resume, portfolio, professional network, income, and confidence.

5. Do Things You Can't Do While Employed

While you may hear people say that job searching is a full-time job, but don’t feel guilty if you don’t spend the full 40 hours a week job searching. The amount of time it takes to find a new position varies significantly from field to field and from person to person. Particularly if you’re more senior or in a field without many openings, you might find that it’s not realistic to spend 40 hours a week on your search.

 And that is okay! Unemployment is tough, and it’s okay to take advantage of the time that you have to do things that you didn’t have a chance to do when you were working all day. Take your family to the park, exercise, go to a museum, see friends you might not get the chance to, read a novel or find other ways to enjoy yourself. Hopefully you’ll be back at work soon enough, and then it may be harder to find time to do those things.

*Bonus Tip* Partner With a Staffing Firm

When looking for work, one of the most effective steps you can take to hasten your job search is to work with a staffing firm, like Visium Resources. Firms like Visium are knowledgeable about the various job markets and often know about positions before they are released publicly. Due to our strong relationships with our clients, when you are recommended for a position by a staffing firm you automatically get a step up on your competition for that position.

Visium Resources prides itself on a reputation as a caring partner to our candidates and employees. We never treat our employees as numbers, but instead as part of our family. Your talents are appreciated and we will do our best to assist you in your quest for a new career opportunity.

So, have you strategized how you may become more hirable during your job search? If you’re tired of struggling with your job search, come check out Visium Resources. We’ll help you land a job through our vast network of professional opportunities. At Visium, We’ll be here for you every step of the way, from the application to the job offer.


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