Top Tips to Help Find A Job In 2023

Finding a job might be more difficult than ever, but with hiring starting to pick up again, and the future looking bright for the first time in a while; you don't want to be left behind!
Levi gives a candidate tips on how to find a job in 2021

The Job Market is on the way back, don't get left behind!

There is no doubt about it, the past few years ave been challenging for many. With 2023 finally here, most people are thinking about changes that they will make in the new year. For many, one of those changes will be finding a new job. However, the job hunt is one skill that high school or college may not have prepared you for. The age-old story of finding a job directly out of college and working in that same company until retirement has run its course for most professionals. In fact, today, many professionals are changing jobs more than ever before during their professional careers. Of course, the process of finding a new job can vary greatly depending on the industry you are in as well as your current level of employment. 

However, we at Visium have come up with 5 simple tips to help you get hired quickly in the 2023 job market.

Build Up Your Career Profiles and Resume

The amount of job searching or career websites are constantly increasing, some may be global while others regional. Recruiters and hiring managers are always looking through these resume databases to find candidates that may be a fit. Some of the major ones to keep in mind are: LinkedInIndeedCareerBuilder and Ziprecruiter. It is in your best interest to put your resume up on each of these services. However, like many things, resumes require work. Make sure the resume you post is the most up to date and accurate version. The same thing goes for career sites that allow you to have a profile, specifically LinkedIn. Keep your profile as updated as your resume and actively use these services to make sure you receive messages when recruiters call you!

Be Flexible

When in the middle of a job search, you must remain as flexible as possible. The more flexible you can be with your working hours the more jobs you may be a fit for. Of course, you should also be as flexible as possible when it comes to being available for interviews and pre-employment checks. The timing of these things is not always set in stone and may change with little notice. The more flexible you can be when finding a job, the more you can increase your chances of getting a callback. Not only this, but after you land the job, being flexible can be a great asset to the company you are working for and potentially lead to a promotion.

Research the Company

Congrats! After using our first two tips on your job search, you were able to land an interview. Now the homework begins. Before you go into the interview, make sure you do your research on the company you are looking to land a job with. This is particularly true if you know you are not a strong interviewer. The interview is your first and possibly only chance to create a positive impression. Make sure you prepare for success, or you could find yourself looking for a job again sooner than you wanted to. We recommend you come up with a few smart, researched questions that you can ask to the hiring manager after your interview. For more tips on how to ace your interview, check out our previous article here.

Demonstrate Interest

During and after your interview it is always important to display that you are interested in the positions you interview for while finding a job. Mentioning to the hiring manager that you are truly interested in the position at the end of the interview can go a long way towards separating you from the rest of the pack. Not only this, but it is often a great idea to write an email or note to the person you interviewed with to show your dedication and interest in the position. The more you show you are interested, the more likely you are to land the position you are looking for.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

No matter what kind of job you are searching for, there is a staffing agency for you. As we’ve said before, staffing agencies function as your partners and agents when finding a job. A staffing agency can walk you through the entire process. From crafting your resume to the job you want all the way to sending your after interview email to the correct hiring manager, and all the steps in between. Whether its accessing jobs you may not be able to on your own or any of the other reasons we talked detail about in our previous article, there are multitudes of reasons to work with an agency when finding a job. Best of all, all their services are free for you when you are on a job search!

Hopefully, this article enables you to have success during your next job search in 2023. The modern-day job market is dynamic and requires much more effort than it used to. However, if you follow these five tips, we are sure you will be a more successful job hunter in 2023.


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