Staffing Vocabulary: Contract, Direct, Contract-to-Direct

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Working with a recruiting agency, such as Visium Resources, is a great way to make yourself available to many different types of jobs. It can get confusing, however. when your recruiter calls you with a “direct-to hire” or “contract-to-direct” position. With a few different employment types being offered to you, you might wonder what they mean. While each agency may vary in how they define these terms, below are brief descriptions of the differences of each. We hope this can give you a better insight into which type of employment is best for you when starting your job-search with Visium Resources.  


A contract position may not be intended to transition into a direct opportunity. However, with stellar performance, we have often seen what was originally a contract position turn into a direct position.  In these positions, there is typically a specific time frame of how long a company the job to last. Also, there is usually a specific project that needs to be completed. They may be used if a company needs to cover a leave of absence of one of their staff or needs specific skills for a project. These jobs usually do not include any benefits.


A strong trend in recent years has been contract-to-direct. This option gives both the employee and the employer an opportunity to feel comfortable in the hiring situation. During the first few months, the employee will be on a contract and is officially employed and paid by the staffing agency. After a set amount of time, the employer may then hire the employee on directly. Think of it like a trial period, not only for the employer but also for the employee


The last common type of hire is a direct hire. This is when an employer wants to bring on an employee directly from the start. The client will hire a staffing firm, like Visium Resources will work as the HR arm of the client. The agency will identify and recruit potential candidates for the company. This process could include: screening, interviewing and selecting candidates that have the skills the client seeks. If the staffing agency identifies the best candidate, the employer would then present an offer through the staffing agency and if accepted, be added to their company payroll. The obvious benefit is availability of direct benefits quicker than other methods of hiring.  

As shown here, there are a few different ways you could be hired on for your next position. Each type has its unique advantages and disadvantages. It is important to notice the differences so that you can make the best decision for your future job prospects.

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