Should You Use A Staffing Firm to Find Your Next Job

According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), more than 90 percent of companies in the U.S. are using staffing firms to help them recruit and retain talent. If most companies as well as competing job searchers are using recruiters, perhaps it is time for you to join the obvious trend of the industry.
Staffing Firms are good for your job search

Staffing firms, such as Visium Resources, work with numerous companies to identify great potential employees and fill needed positions. However,  unlike corporate recruiters, recruiters from staffing agencies have access to many different jobs at multiple companies covering a wide spectrum of industries and positions. If most companies as well as your competition are using them, perhaps you should be too.

Why You Should Use Staffing Agencies

Can Save You Time and Money

When you choose to partner with a staffing agency for your job search it can save you time and stress in multiple ways: you only have to submit one resume, have one interview with one of our recruiting specialists, and are able to be considered for many positions; both now and in the future. If you choose to continue your job search alone you would have to: search for jobs, apply for each, follow-up on each application, then complete interviews with the hiring company. When you work with a staffing agency you have someone else doing the leg work for you!

Potential for More Options

Most staffing agencies represent many different companies and many cover multiple industries. This means that when working with a staffing partner, like Visium, you have access to a wider variety and number of positions that you could potentially be a fit for. It’s common for staffing agencies to submit candidates for multiple positions. The more interviews you have the better your chances of landing your next job. Even if the agency doesn’t have the right position for you at the time, their inventory of jobs is constantly changing. The position you are looking for may come available tomorrow and you will be at the top of the list to be considered for it.

Its Easier to Say No

When you choose to work with an agency, you may be offered multiple positions and you can choose which position is the best fit for you. Additionally, if you go on an interview with a client but you don’t feel good about that position; it is easier to communicate that with your recruiter, who can help you refine your search.

Only Apply to Companies Looking to Hire Immediately

The staffing specialists employed at agencies have their fingers on the pulse of the job market all the time. They know who is hiring and what the positions hold in terms of future growth. The reputable agencies will only work with those businesses that they know to be good employers as well. Just as they have vetted their candidates, they have also vetted their client businesses. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have someone advocating for you and on your side.

Representatives Are Highly Motivated

It is the recruiters job to place candidates and fill open positions. Because they work for both the candidates and the businesses, they are highly motivated to meet the needs of both. Their goal is to make the right placement the first time for their clients (or at least it should be). They will be working to put you in front of the best businesses that match your job search goals.

They Know the Right People

Direct connections to the hiring managers at various companies, people you might have never been able to get in touch with had you been applying to positions on your own.

Help and Support

Businesses hire staffing agencies to find them the right candidates and do the leg work for them. The best clients will make sure to work with the agencies that they trust and have confidence in. Because of this rapport they have built with businesses and hiring managers, they can successfully advocate for you and get you in front of the right person, something you couldn’t have done on your own. They have the ear of the right people that are making the hiring decisions.

Its Free

Since businesses hire the staffing firm to find them the best candidates, the cost to you is nothing! To find out more information about how this works, you can check out our blog here!

Working with a staffing agency to find your next career will only help you expand your options. Employers are using staffing agencies and you should be too.


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