Rudolf “Rudy” Forster – A Legacy Remembered


Visium Resources regrets to announce the passing of it’s Co-Founder and President, Rudolf (Rudy) Forster earlier this year on the 17th of January 2022. He will be deeply missed as a mastermind of business and salesmanship, long-time executive member of NTSA, an incredibly loving husband, father, grandfather and an instant loyal and sincere friend of anyone whoever had the pleasure of meeting him.

Rudy entered the staffing business as a contractor, working jobs from California to Florida throughout the ‘60s, filling in gaps between his technical assignments as an entrepreneur and traveling salesman in assorted toy and product ventures. His work ethic and ability to get along with everyone, made him the perfect “lead man” on several projects, quickly leading to a growing respect with the owners of Advanced R&D, in Orlando, FL. This relationship resulted in an offer to join the office staff as a Junior Recruiter. Joining the team, he quickly rose through the ranks to Sales, then Sales Manager and before too many years became the Vice President and co-Owner of the company.

Rudy’s passion for flying his own plane, created a competitive advantage and uniqueness for Advanced R&D, as he was able to personally and quickly respond to client needs anywhere in the country. This was quite unique, as not even the fax had been created and the only way to present a candidate resume was to put it in the mail, with no overnight delivery available. But for AR&D customers, Rudy was sharing resumes over lunch the very next day. His dedication to his customers, whom he had on his “bread route”, earned him lifelong relationships with customers that gave him much more than business over the more than 30 years he spent growing AR&D.

Always an entrepreneur, Rudy co-founded another staffing organization specializing in IT, in Cleveland, OH. The company re-branded and eventually became Visium Resources, with corporate headquarters in Maitland, Fl, managed and operated by his son, Michael Forster since 2004. Visium Resources continues to be led with Rudy’s philosophy of demonstrating value of both customer and employee, the two reasons for any organization’s success. Rudy may be gone from this Earth, but never far from his family or his business.


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