Recruiting Trends for the Modern Employer


Stay Ahead of the Recruiting Trends in 2020

2020 is finally here, kicking off an exciting new decade. In years past, we’ve seen the industry of business grow and change in many new ways, and things don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Looking forward, industry analysts are expecting hiring and recruiting trends to continue evolving. Here are some trends to watch, to improve your business.                                                    

Technology Will Continue to Improve Efficiency

It does not take an expert to guess that technology will continue to improve and evolve in the coming decade. As the general population becomes more and more comfortable using technology in their everyday lives, it will become essential to the hiring process. Modernizing the application process, which was once purely in-person, will become paramount as more and more applicants expect to be able to apply to positions easily from their mobile phones.

As more people use the internet to interact, utilizing social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook to reach out to potential clients and potential employees will be essential and must not be ignored.

Emphasizing Skills Over Degrees

As college tuitions continue to rise, many talented people are finding themselves unable to obtain 4-year degrees. In recent years, many top companies, including the likes of Google, IBM, and Apple, have started dropping the long-held tradition of degree requirements. However, these companies are not throwing quality out the window. Instead, they have started issuing skill tests to candidates for a variety of different job openings.

These skill tests are customized to measure the specific skills that a candidate will have to possess to succeed in the position. In 2020, it is very likely that more companies will join the trend of dropping degree requirements, in order to access a wider pool of talent. With this major shift, skill tests that can accurately rate a client’s abilities will be valuable recourse in the hiring process.

Prioritizing Diversity In The Workplace

The focus on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that took off in the past decade is believed to be essential for businesses going forward. Recent surveys from major companies have found that diversity directly improves performance, and greatly aids in creating a positive reputation. Cross-generational working environments will also be a significant trend in the new decade. By bringing together teams with multiple generational perspectives and backgrounds, companies will be able to reach more clients.

Making The Interview More Objective

Another major shift that experts are expecting is a modernization of the interview process. Despite their longevity, traditional interviews are often flawed due to one thing: the interviewer. Gender, racial, and social biases held (sometimes unknowingly) by a single interviewer can lead to companies missing out on talented candidates. To combat this, companies are beginning to use blind interviewing technology, as well as investing in team-based hiring.

Blind interviewing will likely become a very useful tool for hiring candidates in the new decade. This technology removes identifying information such as race and social status and answers to interview questions are simply typed. Meanwhile, team-based hiring can further reduce bias by bringing in multiple perspectives.  A company that can do this successfully will be able to easily find top talent.

Flexible Work Enviornments

In previous years, many companies have started to ease up on brutal office hours, and give employees more freedom in how and where they work. In 2020 and beyond, experts believe the idea of a flexible work environment will become the norm. In fact, we are already seeing this change happen all over; employees worldwide are working outside of the office 2 to 3 days a week, and everyone is benefiting.

It might seem like more days out of the office will only increase employee laziness. However, flexible work environments benefit both employees and employers. Studies have shown that an incredible 80% of capable candidates will always lean towards companies with relaxed office time when deciding between jobs. For employers, the change towards flexible work environments allows them to get around geographical restrictions and reach out to skilled candidates, as well as reduce costs. And for employees, this change is shown to improve the company culture.

Highlighting Company Culture

Boasting a strong company culture has always been good for business, but in this day and age, it’s essential. The Internet and the ever-growing trend of social media have made it possible for candidates to see the daily life at a company before they even apply. Today’s candidates aren’t only looking for simple perks, they are looking for companies with a clear mission and solid opportunities. Influential companies all over the world are going into 2020 with a culture-first mindset, and they aren’t just doing it to please online mobs. Current research is showing undeniable proof that company culture is driving very positive business results.

The positives begin at attracting talent. Recent surveys show that workers place a lot of value on culture and benefits, even more than they do on pay rate. If you want to find the best talent, emphasizing positive employee work and life cycles in branding (especially on social media) is the best way to do it. Happy employees also lead to satisfied customers; that is, workers in a company with a better culture will have more motivation and show better results. This all leads to better financial performance, making everyone happy.

What do these trends mean for me?

Being knowledgeable of the recruitment trends of the new decade can offer tremendous benefits as a company searches for talent.

These hiring trends show the enormous impact that technology has had on the employment and recruitment process over the past years. This impact is only expected to grow as time moves forward in the new decade. However, we also see a clear direction that this technology is meant to enhance the capabilities of HR professionals and recruiters. It is meant to support, not replace the roles of humans. 

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