How to Write Your Post-Interview Thank You Note

You want to stay on the mind of the hiring manager long after your interview. One of the best ways to make a memorable and lasting good impression is by crafting the perfect thank you note.

Don't forget to be memorable.

To make your post-interview thank you note as effective as possible, make sure to use a few standard elements. Most thank you notes have the following features:

  • Subject line
  • Personalized greeting
  • Note of appreciation
  • Recap of your qualifications
  • Prompt to take the next step
  • Contact information

Subject Line

If you’re emailing the thank you note, you will need a subject line that easily conveys your message. A short and straightforward subject line such as “Thank you for your time” can work for most post-interview thank you notes. If you plan to write a more informal message, try something like “Great to meet you today!” We also recommend that you add the specific title of the job you were interviewing for, as sometimes hiring managers receive many emails in a day and your thank you could get lost in the shuffle.

Personalized Greeting

Rather than starting to type your message right away, always begin with a greeting. “Hello [interviewer name]” or “Dear [interviewer name]” is ideal for most thank you notes. Remember to use the name that your interviewer provided when you met, which may be a first name or a title.

Note of Appreciation

When you begin writing the body of your message, start with an expression of gratitude. Thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Include the job title here for clarity, as many hiring managers may be considering candidates for multiple positions at once. For example, you can state, “Thank you for taking the time to discuss the marketing manager position with me today.

Recap of Qualifications

Next, provide a short recap of your experience and background. The interviewer should already be aware of these qualifications after reading your resume and meeting with you, so this section should be brief. Connect your qualifications to the position and its unique requirements to express why you are such a strong candidate for the job. For example, you can write, “I feel that your need for social media and search engine marketing expertise aligns perfectly with my skill set.” In addition, you should strive to include any follow-up to questions or specific emphasis points, that may appear to be of great importance to the interviewer/company. For example: “The question of _______ was an area of which we discussed, and I understand the importance. My hope is that I adequately relayed my extensive experience within that space and that you are certain of my sincerity in focusing my efforts within that area.

Prompt to the Next Step

To close the thank you note, encourage the hiring manager to take the next step in the hiring process. Reference what you learned during the interview to complete this section, since you may need to provide references or complete a second interview to get the job. For example, you can write, “Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information.

Contact Information

Finally, provide your contact information. While the interviewer may already have these details on file, listing them in your email can make it easier for the hiring team to contact you for additional steps. Include both your email address and phone number below your closing to streamline the hiring process.


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  1. @visium Resources, Inc. It is important to send a short note to the Company you interviewed with to let them know you are interested in being considered and intend to accept if offered. If they think you may not he interested they will not offer the opportunityh.

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