How to Improve Your Linkedin Profile in 2020

Your LinkedIn profile is the key to a successful and powerful personal branding strategy. Here are 5 tips we recommend to improve your profile in 2020.
How to create a successful Linkedin Profile

The 5 things you should do today to improve your LinkedIn Game.

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation of your personal brand. As we have stated before, your personal brand is one of the most important things you can control while searching for a job. Here are 5 ideas you could do today to help improve your LinkedIn profile in 2020.

  1. Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn

Your profile picture is your calling card – it’s how people are introduced to you and, like it or not, your profile picture has a huge effect on your initial impression.  LinkedIn has provided some great advice on how to pick the right profile picture  – but here are some quick tips: make sure the picture is recent and looks like you, make sure your face takes up around 60% or more of the frame (long-distance shots don’t stand out), wear what you would like to wear to work, and smile!

  1. Add a background photo

Your background photo is the second visual element at the top of your profile page. It grabs people’s attention and shows a little more about what matters to you. More than anything, your background banner should reinforce who you are and support the written portion of your profile. Forbes has a list of background image ideas here.

  1. Make your headline more than just a job title

There is definitely no rule that says your headline should just be your job title. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to improve most profiles. You should use this area to say a bit more about your role, why you do what you do, and what makes you tick. This is one of the key areas searched for keywords by LinkedIn, so make the most of this space, and don’t use this phrase.

  1. Turn your summary into your story

The first thing we should say about your LinkedIn summary is – make sure you have one! Our recruiters are always amazed by how many people still leave this field blank when creating their LinkedIn profile. Your summary is your best chance to tell the story of your career – so don’t waste it by listing your skills or the job titles you’ve had. In this section bring to life why the skills you bring are important – and the difference they can make on the organizations you work with. Invest some time, try a few drafts, and run your summary past people you know. This is the most personal and important piece of content on the page it’s worth the effort.

  1. Request recommendations

LinkedIn has both Endorsements and Recommendations. While endorsements give whoever may be viewing your profile a quick sense of what you’re valued for. Recommendations take things a step further. They are personal testimonials written by people you know to illustrate the experience of working with you. There’s a useful drop-down menu in the Recommendations section of your profile that makes it easy to reach out to specific contacts and request recommendations. Take the time to think about who you would most value a recommendation from – and personalize your request. It’s worth the extra effort.

As you can see, getting your LinkedIn profile to work for you in your job search doesn’t have to take hours and specialized help. Try working on these 5 ideas and you may be surprised at how effective your profile may be. One of our recruiters may even see it the next time we are searching for a position.

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