Show Me The Money: How much do Staffing Agencies Cost You?

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When you are looking for work, you may have encountered this exact scenario: You are looking through a Linked-In job search when you come across a fantastic opportunity, you apply and are called in for an interview. You dress to impress and show up early with all your amazing interview answers memorized; only to find that you are not in fact interviewing for the company, but instead for an STAFFING AGENCY! Those nasty agencies will force you to pay them a percentage of your hard earned salary if you land the job! The very prospect of this situation makes you cringe. RIGHT?!

The first thought many people have when considering working with an agency, such as Visium Resources, are the costs associated in doing business with a staffing agency. In the past, many agencies would pass off the commission fee to the candidate, you, who is hired for the job. This idea has spread into a negative stereotype of all staffing agencies when in fact it could not be further from the truth. Staffing and Employment agencies are valuable assets and partners for you when looking to find a new opportunity or move to a new location.

The Hard Question: Where’s the Money?

As said before, many people wonder about the costs associated in partnering with a staffing and employment agency. Around 20 years ago, it was indeed common practice to charge the commission fee to the successful candidate who was placed in the position. However, these days, it is increasingly uncommon for these kinds of agencies to charge a commission fee to the applicant. Of course, staffing agencies provide valuable services and our employees also need to make a living. So you may be asking, where does the money come from if agencies don’t charge their candidates. The costs of using the agencies services are borne most commonly by the employers, or clients of the agency. Through proving substantial value for and creating long lasting relationships with clients, staffing agencies are able to pass off the costs that would have been charged to the candidates in the past to the clients that use their services. At Visium Resources, we have never and will never charge any of our candidates a fee to place them in any of our open positions.

Okay, So What Are The Benefits of a Staffing Agency?

Working with a staffing or employment agency, like Visium Resources, provides huge benefits and value to our candidates.

We spend our time networking, so you don’t have to

Staffing agencies spend most of their time networking, finding new jobs and new companies that need talented people like yourself. Do you wonder why you can’t seem to find all those amazing job opportunities that you hear about on job boards? It’s likely because those companies are working with an employment agency. Nowadays, many if not most companies are turning to employment and staffing agencies to handle initial screenings and interviews. Agencies are acting more and more like extensions of companies human resources divisions, simply because companies don’t have the time or desire to sort through hundreds of resumes before they find the right fit. That’s what we do!

We care about your success

Of course, on a basic level, it is in any agency’s best interest to make sure that you are a successful candidate; after all, that’s how we get paid! If our candidate looks bad, we look bad. What that means for you is that staffing and employment agencies will prepare you for your interview as much as possible and put you in the best position to succeed. You will never go into an interview blind. Most staffing agencies will also rework your resume for positions we are searching for, and help you look like the best candidate on paper. This service is extremely valuable to many people still don’t know what goes into a good resume. While most agencies will do these things for you, at Visium, we like to take it a step further. We think of all our candidates and employees as family and truly want to make sure you succeed. Together, we make sure that all of our employees find the right fit, a job that will make them happy and successful. At Visium, we don’t want to put people in positions just to make a quick buck, if you are not happy, we are not happy.

Negotiation assistance

The biggest names in sports and entertainment all have agents, why shouldn’t you? Employment agencies essentially function as your agent! If you have any problems with your position, need to negotiate benefits, salary or just have general questions about anything employment agencies work for you and with you. It is in our best interest to make sure both our employee and employer are happy and we will do whatever we can to make sure you are both satisfied.

Companies trust us

Last, but not least, companies trust Visium Resources. Through our long history of successful placements and happy employees companies have come to learn that working with Visium Resources means success for them. Our valuable and long lasting relationships with employers throughout Central Florida and even all over the country can help you land the perfect job for you!

The Finale? Is it Worth It?

While it is true the employment agencies may not be a good fit for everyone, most staffing agencies cost you nothing, and the benefits they provide are helpful to those who may be looking for a new job, new experience, or even new location. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent work, with the unemployment rate at a record low 3.7% and companies still needing employees at high rates, finding great jobs is easier than ever when using an employment agency. So check out all of our open jobs and find your next, best job today!


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