Hopping Around: Why a Job-Hopper Could Be A Great Hire!


It’s true. Many hiring managers hate the idea of hiring a person who has switched jobs frequently in the past.

If you only look at the paper, the indication of a job-hopper is usually the first reason that their resume is shuffled to the bottom of the stack. However, by ignoring the job-hopping candidate outright and not taking the time to look beyond the paper, hiring managers could miss their opportunity to discover and connect with potentially outstanding and impressive candidates. Find out a few reasons why hiring managers might want to take a second look at these “job-hopping” candidates in 2019.

They Know What They Want

Most candidates who have filled several positions in the last few years of their resume will often know exactly what they are looking for in a company or experience. On the flip side, they also often know exactly what doesn’t work for them. With each move, the candidate will learn more about what is necessary to succeed and how to find it.

When a resume of a job-hopper crosses your desk, ask what work environment fits them. If they describe a culture like your company’s, chances are that you could be their “last leap”

They Are Usually Extremely Adaptable

When a candidate is adjusting to new positions and companies often, it requires a large amount of flexibility and effort. Because of this, job-hoppers must consistently practice being adaptable to many situations. This kind of adaptability is a hallmark of successful employees and leaders. With adaptability one of the most high demand soft skills these candidates could be an important addition to any team.

Asking a job-hopper about how they managed the differing expectations in their previous positions can give you great insight into how these job-seekers prepare for new opportunities. At the same time, you might be able to learn the thought processes that cause these job seekers to seize new opportunities even when they might look fickle.

They Bring New Perspectives

When an employee spends years with only one employer, they tend to develop a narrow idea of how a job should be done. However, when looking at job-hoppers, it is apparent that they develop a broad understanding that there are many correct ways to get a job done. This new perspective could be a key factor in improving the efficiency and methods used by your team.

In an interview, a great question to ask a job-hopper is what they have learned by changing employers more often than others. Ask them about their perspective on the different ways that they could get a job done. Often, you’ll find that the perspectives offered by these candidates can be of great benefit to your existing workflow.

No Guessing

One of the best parts about working with a staffing agency, like Visium Resources, is that we can take the guessing out of hiring. Is this candidate finally ready to settle down with a company or will it be just another stepping stone? Talking to your employment partner is a great way to find out.

Visium can help you understand the background of the candidate, find out exactly what the candidate is looking for in a long-term situation and even help to find ways to encourage the candidate to perform outstanding work for your company.

Visium Can Help You!

If you are looking to hire new positions, consider talking to Visium Resources.

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