Ask A Visium Recruiter: Job Search Questions, Answered

Ask the Visium Team

Welcome to the first of the multi-article series where you can get answers directly from a recruiter for your questions about job hunting, interviews, resumes or anything else you’d like to know about when looking for a job. We’ve got some great questions today, so let’s jump in.

Is it preferred to provide straightforward answers or elaborate? I keep my answers short and that may come off as disinterest.

This is a great question; my advice is to keep your answers precise and to the point in order to keep your interviewers’ interest and undivided attention. What we mean by short and precise is to avoid wordy responses instead practice taking a quick moment to think about your answer and deliver a response that addresses the initial question. Lastly, a great question at the end of any interview is to ask your interviewer if they would like you to elaborate on anything that you said or if they have any remaining questions. Stick to these notes and you’ll do great! – Sarah

How many pages should my resume be? I often hear different things from the many sources online.

What a great question, and the answer is that it would all depend. If you have relevant experience for the job you are applying for, you want to make sure that you show off all the experience you’ve gained. For example, if the job description is asking for 10+ years you would want to display all you have done. So, if your experience, education etc. takes up 2, 3 or even 4 pages then that is what you need to do. But rule of thumb is put all important stuff on the first page and try to keep it short…less is better – Robin

What are the hiring managers looking for specifically WHEN they hire a new employee?

They are usually looking for someone who not only fits the criteria of the job description they created but also puts forth effort to research the company, shows up to the interview presentably (on time) and shows genuine interest in the position. Hiring Managers usually want candidates to show that they are a quality individual who takes the opportunity seriously and is interested in becoming a part of their team rather than just collecting a paycheck. – Kayla

How should you answer the “weakest” and “strongest” skill questions during an interview?

In my opinion, this is a question that all candidates should prepare and give strong consideration. Always answer this question by providing a “story” of an event for context. Never just answer this question in brief, because the context of the “story” will demonstrate that it is not only your perception of yourself but has a factual basis. Regarding strengths, recall what tasks you excelled in, or have been complimented for in the past and mention that others have substantiated your strength. Remember that the strength should be something that will (or could) be confirmed by a reference. Regarding weaknesses, concentrate on a skill that you truly feel you could use strengthened and offer a plan as to how you will master this skill in the future, through practice, education or simply dedication of self. – Michael

How much of a problem is “over-qualification” when applying for jobs?

Unfortunately, we have seen that overqualified candidates can be a problem to place, depending on the client. If a client is looking for a 7-year level candidate and we see a 20+ year candidate applying, often that 20+ year candidate will not get the job. The client will often believe that the senior level candidate will always be looking to move on, unless there is some upwards mobility in the company. Not only this, but the senior candidate will often have bad habits that they have picked up over the years, that the client would have to re-teach at their own expense. However, if the client is looking to hire a management level candidate, over-qualification could be helpful in landing the job. Also, over-qualification is more of a problem in permanent positions, rather than short-term contract-based employment situations. -David


So, there you have it! 5 of the questions we’ve been asked from you about the job-hunting process. If you have a question you’d like answered, please send it our way on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #askavisiumrecruiter.


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