76% of US Companies Say Hiring Demand Will Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels This Year

2020 took quite a toll on the US domestic job market, as well as the market across the globe. Good news could be around the corner though as a vast majority of US companies believe hiring will pick up in 2021.

Hiring Demand Is Expected to Return to Normal in 2021.

Hiring demand will approach, return to or exceed pre-pandemic levels this year, according to the 2021 Future of Recruiting Study published by CareerArc, a provider of a social recruiting platform. Of companies surveyed, 76% believe hiring demand will return this year.

CareerArc’s survey also discovered that companies are most concerned about turnover this year. The survey found 39% of respondents believe at least one in five members of their workforce are currently looking for new jobs at other companies.

The survey included 1,156 respondents, including 667 US adults and 489 human resources and hiring professionals. It took place between Nov. 16 and Dec. 14, 2020.

Among workers, it found 61% of full-time employees in the US are seeking new jobs this year. Meanwhile, 88% of workers are concerned about the lack of jobs in their fields, and 68% attribute the lack of jobs to the continued impact of Covid-19.

Other findings in the study included:

  • 82% of job seekers consider employer brand and reputation before applying for a job.
  • 26% of job seekers say diversity, equity and inclusion messages published by employers would make them more likely to apply to particular companies. In addition, 63% check social media for employee and consumer comments about workforce diversity at a company.

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