3 Smart Questions You’re Probably Forgetting to Ask At The Interview

Asking questions at your interview is an essential skill, that many contractors and candidates forget! Don't let that be you!

Don't forget to ask these smart questions.

As we’ve said numerous times before in our blog, it is absolutely crucial to ask questions during your next job interview.

If at the end of your interview, you simply tell the hiring manager that you don’t have any questions, they’re most likely to believe that you’re not interested in the position. Now, that doesn’t mean that  you should just throw out any random query that floats to the top of your mind. It’s important to ask thoughtful questions that get at important points and demonstrate you’re a viable candidate.

Here are three smart questions you don’t want to forget to ask during interviews:

'Why is this position available?'

It is important to remember that the job interview isn’t just about impressing hiring managers and coming across as competent and enthusiastic. This is also the time to assess the opportunity and the organization that you’re considering. This question will help you figure out if things are truly going well at the organization.

'Why do people stay with this company?'

It is extremely important to get a good read on how the organization you are considering treats its employees. Of course, these days, many companies advertise their values and their company culture online. So, rather than directly asking about culture and values, try to figure out how exactly the company’s environment impacts its employees on a daily basis.

'If I am hired, what are the most important things you'd like me to accomplish in the first six to 12 months with your company?'

Every open opportunity it probably a problem that the company is trying to address with the hiring of additional staff. Knowing what the hiring manager is looking for in this position is key to making sure the conversation is focused on what you can do to alleviate the issues that the company is facing.

Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity that an interview offers you, not only to impress the hiring manager with your skills and experience; but also to assess if the organization is the kind of place you see yourself working. An interview is always a two-way street and at Visium Resources we want to make sure that both our clients and contractors are set up to succeed in positions that work for them! 


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