The Visium Resources Difference

Visium Resources, The Staffing Agency That is Always Here For You!

Visium Resources is a full service employment firm with focuses in engineering, information technology and administrative assistance. Here, we work together with industry leading companies and exceptional talent to provide the perfect employment opportunity to both client and employee

Visium Resources understands the importance of successfully hiring and retaining the best talent and knows that this talent is often the difference between  successful project and a failure. When the need to add additional talent rises, you can trust Visium Resources to provide staffing solutions that fit your specific needs with quality that exceeds our competition.

We believe that the best candidates come from extensive networking and years of experience along with the use of cutting-edge employment technology. This philosophy has allowed Visium Resources to grow and prosper, with industry leading records of client and employee satisfaction. All while maintaining some of the lowest turnover rates and highest job satisfaction among employment agencies. 

Whether you are looking for a job or looking to hire the right talent. Visium will always be here for you.

Our Management Team

Michael Forster


Having been involved in the staffing industry for over 30 years, Michael has had experience in all aspects of staffing. He has successfully opened offices in Wisconsin, Alabama and Florida.

He has been serving as COO with Visium Resources since opening in 2003. Under his leadership, Visium has grown from a small local agency to a national employment firm with an extremely diverse clientele.

Bob Johns

Vice President

Bob has been involved in the staffing services industry for over 35 years. Throughout his career, Bob has held various positions including recruiter, regional administrative manager, branch manager and account manager. 

Bob has been with Visium since 2009 and in his current role at Visium, as Director of Business Development, has established major vendor contracts with various governmental agencies; in addition to the many client companies he maintains in the private sector.

Robin Posser

Account Manager

Bringing over 20 years of infrastructure, technology management, operations, and data research experience; Robin is an analytical problem solver able to work in dynamic, high pressure environments. 

She has been with Visium Resources for 6 years, and is currently serving as the Recruiting Director. Her extensive business leadership experience and information technology background has proved invaluable in the growth and development of Visium.



Steve Fitzhenry

Director of Sales

During my career my passion has been building teams with highly motivated, focused and empathetic people who are focused on the success of others. We have dedicated our time, skills and energy to making a difference. At Visium Resources Inc., I get to use these skills to work with clients to develop strategies for talent acquisition and their business needs.

Kayla Lockett

Recruiting Manager

Sarah Lizausaba

Recruiting Manager
Where we came from

Employment Firm with Experience

Visium Resources was founded in 2002 to fill the staffing needs of commercial and government organizations throughout the Southeastern United States. We were founded by an experienced group of employment agency professionals whose roots in the industry extend back to the 1950s and 60s. After many years of serving together as directors of a national trade organization, NTSA, our two founders decided the time was right to retire. However, when retirement lost its luster they decided to join together and meld their skills to actively go back into the industry they knew and loved. 

From this decision came Visium Resources, Inc. A new employment firm that would take advantage of the industry’s newest technology, but at its core, maintaining the principle of doing business on a personal level. 

Are you ready to Find Your Next Staffing Partner?

Find out how Visium Resources can help you manage your employment needs today. Visium Resources will always be here for you.

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